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The Saint-Sauveur chapel

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Also known as the Tobiasse chapel, this chapel in the town of Le Cannet was decorated by Tobiasse in 1989. It comprises levels of painted wood panels, stained glass windows, mosaics and sculptures. “I saw this chapel as a place of lost memory, an empty shell, rich with forgotten history time erased by time. I wanted to reinfuse this edifice with life and write it a story.” This is how Tobiasse described his approach on seeing the Saint-Sauveur Chapel in Le Cannet for the first time. He chose as his theme “Life is a party” in order to celebrate the marvellous cycle of life, to pay tribute to its fragility and its renewal, a theme which he said “illustrated the renewal of, and respect for, the past.” The chapel recounts this celebration of creation in the form of a party and a hymn to life. It is a way of refertilizing memories. He gathered, accumulated, multiplied, and sculpted the paint, painted the sculptures, coloured the light, and, by getting rid of the borders between the fine arts, expressed the perpetual metamorphosis of shapes.

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