Catherine Faust-Tobiase, beneficiary and unique holder of the moral right to the work of her father Théo Tobiasse, is the only person authorized to emit a certificate of authenticity. She is also authorized to emit an opinion on the multiple works such as the lithographs, bronzes, ceramics and mosaics. Any work submitted to Catherine Faust-Tobiasse will enter her archives and go into the realization of the catalogue raisonné of the artist’s work. Certificates of authenticity are issued in one example only. No duplicate shall be issued for any lost certificate.

If you wish to submit a work to Catherine Faust-Tobiasse, pease send her by mail a file which must include the following elements: 1 color photo size 13×18 1 digital photo front/back, professional quality Source and history of the work Price: 300 € before TAX

Payment to be made upon receipt of the invoice. Catherine Faust-Tobiasse. To make an appointment: